Steve Rotenberg has been serving the auto industry for over 30 years. Steve had built a business on its core values of customer service and quality. Today, Steve and his crew will continue to serve customers by providing them with expertise in wheel repair & refinishing.

WHEEL TEK's wheel production facility offers high quality wheel refinishing as well as custom services.

Using proprietary machinery and tooling, our highly skilled repair process assures 100% wheel integrity and customer satisfaction. Wrecks, potholes, curbs, or even dropping a wheel can cause damage resulting in it being discarded at a total loss. Bent scratched, gouged or small sections missing, WHEEL TEK can repair it.

Our expert technicians can straighten and refinish wheels back to original condition. 100% wheel inspection before its release checks radial run out, lateral run out, and balance to insure the wheel is true and perfectly straight.